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By Butterscotch

We live in a world where people commit suicide because they are bullied for being different. It doesn’t just stop in grade school, it continues on throughout peoples’ lives, either in the workplace, the entertainment industry or even at home. We need to accept everyone for who they are and understand that people do not choose to be black, white, gay, straight, female, male or transgender.
We are all humankind. So be kind humans and #AcceptWhoIAm.


The music video was conceived by Butterscotch and director and choreographer, Mary John Frank. The two artists met at HATCH, a media conference and idea incubator in Big Sky, Montana and shortly after they began trading ideas for video concepts. The video uses movement and physical theater to tell Butterscotch’s story and the five dancers represent obstacles in Butterscotch’s past and the intolerance and negative belief systems that can hold us back as humans. The video was shot in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree National Park and was funded by Butterscotch’s fans on Kickstarter. To see more of the wonderful people who brought this project to life please click here.